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New System Design

Live Electronic Living have extensive knowledge of Crestron Control Systems and products for technical integration. When you purchase a Crestron solution from us, you can be sure to receive thorough support for any type of project. Our dedicated support team is experienced in questions relating to programming, development and operations. We will assist you with any troubleshooting and supply you with the right technical information you might need. Collaboration

We work in partnership with you to determine what your home or business needs. We like to collaborate with you from concept to completion. You will always be involved in the process of designing, customizing and deploying an audio-visual or communication control system that exceeds expectations. An automation assessment (Which is a Comprehensive Report) also forms part new system design.

Crestron Zoom and Microsoft Teams Rooms

Whether you are working on a network operations centre on DigitalMedia or NVX, deploying multiple rooms across the organisation or updating corporate meeting and presentation spaces with Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams using Crestron Flex System, we are the goto partner to ensure the ongoing success of your projects.

From Concept to Completion

Live Electronic Living are a trusted and valuable resource from the initial onsite visit, during the upgrade or new design process until the end of the project. The onsite visit also allows us to understand exactly what you want. By gathering technical information and learning what you want from your new system we start things off on the right footing to provide a system design that is appropriate to your equipment, your environment and your needs. Our Crestron consulting process is professional, straightforward and efficient.

Custom Crestron Programming

Live Electronic Living are one the leading Crestron Programming companies in South Africa and are heavily engaged in offering best in class Crestron programming and design services. We use our decades of experience to determine your needs, create a design and deliver the right solution for the right situation. Integrated technology should be intuitive, easy-to-use and as maintenance-free as possible.

We are able to assist you with
  • Conceptualisation, planning and design
  • System drawings
  • Project management throughout the lifecycle

"Looking for state-of-the-art automation technology"

"Then you need the right solution for the right situation!"

Crestron allows us to build solid reliable systems that are built to handle the rigors of everyday wear and tear.

  • Video Conferencing

    Video Conferencing

    Our video conferencing solutions provide efficient, interactive meeting experiences with branches and companies all over the globe.

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  • Audio Visual

    Audio Visual

    Corporate Theatre, Boardrooms, Auditoriums, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Training Venues and Audio Delegate Systems.

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  • Digital Signage

    Video Walls Digital Signage

    Individual display or video walls for receptions, corporate and public spaces, control rooms, retail stores, hotels and restaurants.

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  • Lighting Climate

    Lighting Climate

    Crestron commercial lighting control with the right products and systems designed to work for any space in a building.

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  • Room Scheduling

    Room Scheduling

    Crestron room scheduling does more than make it easy to book a space, gathers intelligence and improves productivity.

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  • AirMedia


    AirMedia® makes it simple for anyone to connect instantly, present confidently and bring meetings to life flawlessly from any device.

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  • Cinema

    Corporate Cinema

    We design, fabricate and install complete acoustically designed cinema to match all requirements and any space.

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  • Boardroom


    We Officer flexible boardroom automation solutions that can be tailored to your specific business technology needs.

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  • Meeting Conference Room

    Meeting Conference Rooms

    Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms and Auditoriums. Enjoy crystal clear audio quality in custom built meeting or conference rooms.

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  • Training Venues

    Training Venues

    Flexible automation control solutions for training rooms at the press of one button from a touchscreen on the wall keypad

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  • Hot Desk Area

    Hot Desk Area

    A Hot Desk is a shared work desk or a meeting space in a common area of an open office area that may include room scheduling.

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  • New Installations

    New Installations

    We like to collaborate with you from concept to completion. Our Crestron consulting process is professional, straightforward and efficient.

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  • System Upgrades

    System Upgrades

    We work with companies with existing systems who want to upgrade it with new equipment or something is not working anymore.

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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Project management is an integral part of every installation. The aim is to ensure that changes and supply issues are addressed properly.

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  • Constulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Crestron System Design for New Systems and Crestron Automation Assessments and upgrades for existing systems.

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  • Automation Assessments

    Automation Assessments

    Audit the system to see if everything still works as intended. What's no longer working and what needs to be done to upgrade the system.

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  • Service Level Agreement

    Service Level Agreements

    The core services provided to customers and details responsibilities to ensure that every concept is met in accordance with the SLA.

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